About me

My friends and family call me Ten or Tennie. So when I hear folks calling me┬áTenille, sometimes it seems like I’m in trouble! The origin of my name apparently springs from America, although my mum will admit to naming after that 1970’s band “Captain and Tenille”. Yes, my husband wore a captain’s hat at our wedding. It was awesome!

We recently located from the far west coast of Perth Australia to the sunny valley here in San Jose California, just a short skip from San Francisco thanks to my talented hubby scoring a pretty sweet job at Linkedin. It’s been one hell of a ride transitioning to the big “land of the free”U.S.A. Super busy these days with locking down my first full time job since being here at an excellent digital marketing agency, being a mom to a lively 2 year old and managing my online vintage clothing business.

I’m a bit of an introvert these days and enjoy the quiet to re-group my thoughts, plan and focus on raising our little girl, but I’m also known to be outgoing and forward with those I feel most comfortable with. I love my family and friends and those close to me know I wear my heart on my sleeve and can be quite emotional (A true Cancerian trait). I don’t take well to deception and fakeness and thanks to an excellent gut, I can smell these nasty traits a mile away. lol.

I manage a few blogs (listed in my first post!), I have a great interest in all things web, creative and web/social. This blog is my “digital diary”.

I hope you enjoy sharing it with me as much as I enjoy writing it.