Time to write-off 2016

I’ve recently found myself being asked how I like living here in America. 18 months since we relocated, I can honestly say I have some pretty complex and mixed feelings, living in the “land of the free”. Post election hangover, it’s interesting to read back on blog notes I made back in June. Heres an excerpt:

“Winter brought about much needed rainfall and lots of greenery, but now as we head into the thick of my first full US summer, I realise how much the urban sprawl drains the life out of the grand sheer landscape of the hills that surround us in the valley. What once was green and lush is now brown and dead. Much like my enthusiasm for blending into this strange society which many are fooled into thinking is “superior” to anywhere else on earth.

While the people here in CA are lovely, it almost feels like I’m on a strange extended vacation and in some circumstances, treated like an outsider. Each and every week missing home more than I did the last but trying at the same time to convince myself this is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Lifestyle here in California is very laid back. Forget fast city life, or long moving queues, to me it looks as though many Californians are just plodding along with no urgency. 

We are driving on our way down to Monterey for a trip to the aquarium there, to enjoy a break from the hot sweatiness of the valley (and because my 2.5yr old toddler is obsessed with fish and sharks). 

The one positive about moving abroad is that I have been able to focus solely on my family. Husband and I have been able to 100% focus on Stella’s upbringing and she has adapted incredibly well to this huge move. For that I am ever so grateful.

I found myself a job after 8 months of applications (I counted 50+ at one stage), many phone calls and in person interviews. It didn’t last long (my next blog post will cover it in more detail).

Then came a blessing in disguise! Husband found a new job and we had to depart to renew our Visas back home in Australia. Scoring a nice 3 week holiday was lovely and even more so to surprise our families back home. I think those were the happiest 3 weeks I have had this year to be honest.”

Fast forward from then to now (November).

It’s a week post US election and the country seems to be in a haze. From the gatherings I’ve had with friends to visiting my hairdresser or buying groceries, everyone seems to have glum written all over their faces. I’m already sick of seeing racial slurs and unrest. I’m already sick of seeing some I know making excuses for America’s poor choice in leader. 

I’m thankful to live in a very “blue” democratic state but the result of this political farce has made me now question whether I want to actually work in an country where their new president refuses to declare his taxes, has numerous shonky investments and clearly has sights on strengthening the “alt-right” or in other words – White supremacists.

Why should I contribute or pay tax to a society which has put on a pedestal a racist misogynist narcissist who simply ran for presidency to prove to elitist farkwads that he could do it. One could say it was the ultimate win for ones ego. Especially his voters. They voted to be heard. I laughed when an Aussie friend commented saying “shit sandwiches for all!” And my, the stench of the hypocrisy will hopefully be enough to drown out those who thought they were right. I guess this is MY way of taking a stand. I can at least sit back relax, look after my family until we have the energy to relocate back to Australia, that is until a decent opportunity comes along. Doesn’t seem too many of those.

2017 I hope will be a better year. Until then, let’s ride out 2016 with little fucks to be given. I feel better already.

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