Destruction of the free world

It’s unlike me to take to writing posts days in a row. I am normally busy with other family activities but I felt inclined to write about my feelings after what has been the most ludicrous 24 hours. In my last post I mentioned that where it isn’t my right to actually vote, living here has opened my eyes in a sad way, thats given me time to think about the morals and values which I hold dear and cherish for my family.

Complacency. It’s a funny thing. A fancy word for “lazy”.

You sit there feeling safe in your thoughts for weeks or months, and like millions of other American’s, I can only blame this outcome on their complacency to not get out there and vote on that one day that mattered the most. I’ve had a few friends argue with me to why Hillary lost. They fail to understand the bigger picture. It was never about ‘letting’ her win…but more so, keeping a narcissistic arrogant maniac from having one of the most powerful roles in history. Keeping him OUT of the White House.


This morning I cried in the shower. Unsure if that was my anxiety or just an overwhelming feeling of sadness for those who have struggled their entire lives to fight for equality and acceptance.

I cried knowing I have to raise and bring up my own child into this world of madness and then have to explain to her (when she’s old enough) why such a hateful man who refuses to accept humans based on race, religion or sexuality, was given this incredible amount of power.

I cried for my American friends who also share my same values and beliefs that as humans, we should be accepting of everyone, that being homosexual is not an abomination, or being a woman doesn’t make you weak or anything less than the other sex. For many of our friends they have already started exploring the possibility of leaving the “Great” America. Some disgusted by their own countries tom-foolery.

I cried thinking of all the wonderful humans who have fought for freedoms over the last 70 years who have passed on. What would they think of this world now if they saw what has happened? Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King…they would be shaking their heads from above.

I cried knowing that my own anxiety would trigger me look at every single American on the street, making me feel a sense disgust wondering if they were partly to contribute to this sad day in history. How the victims of sexual abuse or racism feel, I cannot comprehend. It would be like all the work they have done to get themselves back on track…thrown back in their face.

This is just the start of destruction of the free world. No one is safe anymore. From governments, from bullying, racism, misogyny, war, poverty, from each other.


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