Getting crafty.

Even from a really young age, I’ve always dabbled with a bit of paper stationery here and there. I’ve always been a creative soul when it comes to art, crafts and other fun things that involve cutting, glue, paint and such. It was only maybe the year I fell pregnant with Stella that I re-discovered my love for paper craft / scrapbooking and card making. I figured that friends and family would enjoy a special occasion card made for them rather than some Hallmark generic printed thing that is sold in it’s thousands.

I’d have to go back through all my photo’s to see if I kept any pics of the cards I’ve made for friends and family along the way. This year I took to making my own Christmas cards to send back home to Australia. With not working and having a couple of hours in the day while Stel napped, I figured it was a good hobby to pass some time.

I’ve also had the opportunity to make some cute Thanksgiving cards for our new friends here as well as a close friends daughters first birthday and then back home, a few friends have welcomed baby girls into their families so it’s been nice to be able to make and send them something special along with a gift.

I just can’t get enough of paper craft and scrap booking supplies. I find what works best with my card making is adopting actual scrap booking materials (such as cute printed character designs, stick on diamontes or raised sticker icons) or lettering and then using these to make each unique card. No two cards are ever made the same! These days you can get background printed paper any print you desire, colours, you name it, you can find it. I recently tracked down some gorgeous vintage printed scrap booking paper on Amazon but as I have a box here full already, I’m trying to use all of that up first before I go buying any more!

Olive card flat - Pic 2 blog

I came up with an idea to start up a second Etsy shop to sell my handmade cards but I am still in the inception stage as I’d hate to start something which then may involve a large percentage of my time to craft on the days Stella is in daycare. I find that this style of crafting is something I do best when I have the inspiration to do so. If it was forced, then I am sure it’d be more difficult to invest more creative energy into each design.




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