Hello and welcome

Family Portrait pic SF April

Since moving overseas and taking the incredible plunge of re-settling into a new country, it’s given me time to really focus on a number of key things. Raising my gorgeous daughter Stella, support the home and my loving husband Christian and immerse myself in my personal pursuits: my vintage business, writing/blogging about my creative passions, paper craft, interior decor and design and¬†living here in California. Some of you who have read my other blogs All Things Vintage and I can’t Stop Watching¬†will already know that fashion and TV / entertainment are some of my main interests, but I have so many more!

Avid shoe and clothes collector, professional bargain shopper, careful interior decorator, stationary card & scrapbooking creative, left wing political ranter, quiet feminist, these are a few of my loves and beliefs. I don’t expect thousands of readers, but this blog is more of an online space for me to collect all of the above. Yep, I miss Australia incredibly, but anyone would be foolish not to give the USA a go, at least for a few years. I’ll make some comparisons in later posts because every country and place has its own positives and negatives. So feel free to read on, comment and follow my adventures!

Tennie xo